It's important to choose a good sanding mill

  • Grinding is not fine

    Grinding products, uneven distribution of particle size, can not meet the desired requirements

  • Poor purity

    Grinding products appear fading phenomenon

  • low efficiency

    Low efficiency, large energy consumption

  • Wear fast

    Less than a year all parts wear

  • Performance is unstable

    The use of equipment often downtime, a week minor repair, overhaul in January

  • Service is not timely

    Downtime to be a long time to repair

  • Product prices are high

    Worry that product prices are not consistent with product performance

  • Product unsafe and environmentally friendly

    Mass discharge of pollutants

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Into the Hongkai machinery

Guangzhou Hong Kai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

    Hong Kai machinery focused on ultra-fine dispersion, all ceramic. Nano-fine grinding equipment research and development and production, the introduction and absorption of domestic and foreign grinding technology, the use of German standards, developed a unique grinding chamber structure of all ceramics, with advanced grinding scattered core technology.

  Hong Kai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on wet grinding and dispersion technology development and research, committed to the chemical machinery manufacturing machinery manufacturing company. The company can be based on different physical and chemical properties of the design of the model, structure and discharge of different sand mill, to provide efficient production equipment and improve the project, to meet the various needs of customers.

      With the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous development of new materials, Hong Kai machinery will know the craft and improve the combination of procedures to ...

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